Just tryin' to live every day like I'm attending a Diddy white party, you know?

Bell sleeves, bows & bawty riders... *deep inhail* Ahhh, #Summer17 is upon us!

Isn't spring a literal blessing!? I didn't even *need* this jacket today... and my toes? Actually warm! Not at all filled with premature spring regret like they usually are! And finally, I got the chance to test out these Good American Good Legs in BLACK002. Paired them with a basic tee, these LTS knotted sandals that I've been dying to break in, and one of my many leather moto jackets.

New year, new me? No, defiantlyyyy not! Just the same tenacious bitch, in a badass power suit!

I have mixed emotions about turning 25 today, to be quite honest. I woke up and realized I’m not nearly as far along as I thought I’d be... but I’m choosing to process that as motivation instead of petty grief and sadness, lol. I can also see where I’m going on the horizon now, but in order to get there I have some crucial advice for my ¼ century self...

This song embodies exactly how I feel when I wear this outfit. Effortlessly, sexy. "Girl you too much, got my whole shit at a dead stop. When you rock that, got a young boy in a headlock." I'd be lying if I said I don't immediately begin to strut when this comes on in the shuffle with the headphones in! *fights the urge to body roll*