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I woke up feeling like crap today. Congested sinuses, pounding migraine, puffy face, the whole 9 yards. As much as I wanted to crawl back under my covers, I had to get up and do some things today, so I had two options: Throw on my trusted roots track pants & old football hoodie OR put some effort into what I was going to wear. As you can see, I couldn't find my track pants!

I'm makeup-less, have no hair product in, and frankly I just hated the world today, but at least I looked decent. I figured if I added enough distracting accessories (huge glasses, sparkly bag, head scarf etc.) no one would notice my constant sniffling or nose blowing.

Anyways, I'll be spending the rest of this day with a stack of magazines, a cup of soup and a pair of noise canceling headphones. Hope you're all having a better Thursday then I am, lol ♥