You may or may not know that I moved recently... Well, not recently, but about 5 months ago. Before moving I had all of these crazy plans and wild aspirations for this new room (exibit a of the madness!) and since then I've really done nothing to improve the state of my living space... Truth be told, up until last week, I was pretty much living out of boxes & suitcases. Now that my summer job has come to an end, I have a few weeks left before school to get myself in order. I took my first 3 days off to organize my closet, declutter my space and add a few minor details so that I feel at home for the time being.

I found this skull piggy bank at Urban Outfitters for $15, and thought it was perfect, aside from the color. As soon as the wind dies down in Toronto, I will be spray painting it black... Black just seems more striking, more dramatic on top of a pile of light colored magazines. A black skull just seems more, me.

I guess I have a lot of clothing. I never realized how much of it I actually had before this week, and this is AFTER trashing 1/3 of it! I kept what I liked, what still fit, and what I could see myself wearing in the future. It took me a few days to let go of those jeans that wouldn't button, that dress that wouldn't zip or those shoes that were falling apart, but I did it. I've almost forgotten about them... almost lol.