A few of you have emailed me about the virus page that was appearing when you tried to view this blog; from what I can tell, Google has cleared up this issue, so hopefully everything is back to normal. Thank you to those of you who noticed and informed me about this issue!

I'm about to head out for a bite to eat with some old friends and I thought I'd snap a few photos for you guys before doing so. Honestly, today I went to school in a completely different outfit, and came home to change... I'm such a imposter sometimes. I'm sure if anyone ever recognized me from this blog, they would think I was a complete fraud, lol.

Can I just take a moment to say that this shirt is single-handedly the best thing I have EVER found in a forever 21 store. Every time I wear it, I get a bunch of complements, but also a hand full of creeps staring straight into my cleavage... I guess you can't win them all. *shrug*

Sweater Old Navy | Stripe Shirt Forever 21 | Pants Torrid | Necklace Aldo | Bag Dorothy Perkins | Shoes BFT