Vest & Sweater Old Navy | Pants Evans | Shoes 80%20 | Bag eBay | Watch Michael Kors | Hat H&M

It's been raining and windy for the last few weeks here in Toronto, forcing me to wear boots, thick scarves & trench coats for protection, but this weekend has been nothing short of beautiful. A cool breeze and warm sunshine all day, perfect layering weather. I bought this amazing puffer vest from Old Navy last week. They are doing a fabulous job of clearing out my bank account and leaving me beyond broke. Their basics right now are flawless, and on sale! ( the word "sale" pretty much justifies any purchase for me these days...)

I've also been DYING to wear these wedges from 80%20. I bought them at a moment of weakness while on my "shopping ban" and realized they weren't as practical as I convinced myself they'd be. *rolls eyes because I never officially STARTED the shopping ban, but whatever!* The patterned 4" heel gives my boring outfits a little personality, I'll keep them!