I'm asked "What are your favourite beauty products?" almost on a weekly basis and honestly, I never really have an answer! It would be an understatement to say that I'm not much of a "beauty" girl... Let's be honest here, I barely wash my face and comb my hair in the morning. So, I like to keep it simple with as few products as I can get away with, and when I find something I actually like, I stick with it! Hell, I even buy it in bulk in case the manufacture stops making it, or the world ends... you know, WHATEVER! Here are 5 beauty items that I simply cannot go without:

1. Tweezerman Tweezers

Seem's pretty weird that my first "go to" beauty item is a pair of tweezers, right? WRONG: It is a fact that Tweezerman tweezers are the God of all tweezers. Yes, they are expensive and yes you will cry while buying them... Or maybe that's just me, but these tweezers will change your whole life. I'm a pretty hairy being and my face is really no exception. I get ingrown hairs, uni-brows and upper lip fuzz and these tweezers help me though all that trauma! Also, I've been doing my own brows ever since the brow accident of 2004, and these are phenomenal... (If you must know... My brow lady moved back to india, I had my brows waxed by someone new, I ended up looking like a Chola... It was a bad time in my life. And no, you may not see photos!)

2. Shea Moisture: Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Okay, this stuff is messiah of curly hair... Yeah, I took it there! I was looking for an all natural, curly hair moisturiser online and came across a few reviews for this product. Truthfully, I was hoping I wasn't going to like it only because I have to order it on eBay... (Which is a pain in the ass if you run out!) but it really is amazing. I only started using this stuff last month but I'm already hooked! It's made from 100% organic ingredients, has no parabens, no sulfates, and no synthetic fragrance, which I really love. It smells amazingly fruity, it's not overpowering and over all, it's just an amazing product. If you are a curly haired girl like myself, I would highly recommend you try Shea Moisture products. For $9.99 a tub, you really have nothing to lose!

3. Blistex: Lip Medex

Okay, another pretty basic item, but it does the job! During the summer and winter months, I tend to get cold sores and my lips do this thing where they start to peel and bleed, it's really just... Not cute at all. Only this stuff stops them from doing it. I've tried countless lip balms, ointments, scrubs and even different items in the Blistex family, this is the only one that solves everything. If I loose this, I run out and buy another one right away... It's that serious.

4. Burt's Bees: Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme

Hang nails are the downfall to my life... Okay, a little dramatic, but you catch my drift. Story time: I was riding the bus one day, filing my nails because I had just ripped one clear in half (always fun!) when a very adorable older lady offered me some of her cuticle creme. I couldn't say no to that face, so I scooped some out, and proceeded to deal with my nail issue. The next morning I woke up and all of my hang nails were gone... I then went on a 2 year wild goose chase for this stuff, and when I found it, I bought 6 tins of it. THE END! Seriously though, this stuff is amazing, it helps with dry cuticles, brittle nails, chapped or cracked fingertips, and clearly, hang nails. Really handy stuff!

5. Smashbox: Photo Set Finish Powder

Along with being a hairy, frizzy headed, hangnailed, peeled lip monster, I am also a bucket of grease when I sit in the sun! (If you still love me after reading all of this, you are truly my people and I luv you!) Though I'm sure this is not what it was meant for, I use it as an oil absorbing powder during the hot months. This is just a white translucent powder that goes on clear. There is nothing worse than sweating off 3 layers of make-up and I'm just not down for having to "up-keep" my face all day, so this is my lazy way of looking... presentable? (For lack of better word!) I use a concealer stick to cover any blemishes or scars I may have, use bronzer on my cheeks and forehead and then throw this over top, works like magic, I swear. 5 minute face? HA, screw that, more like 2!