Yes, this post is actually happening and no, you did not read that title wrong... This is Kimye Style: 101. If you know anything about me, it should be that I am 100%, completely obsessed with Kanye West + Kim Kardashian couple style. *From here on in, they will be referred to as their appropriately lux sounding hybrid name... "Kimye"* It's one of those not-so-guilty pleasures that I have made publicly known via twitter... And tumblr... And in real life...

Now, let me start by saying that this is NOT a post debating weather or not their relationship is going to last (which it will...) and this is definitely NOT a post hating Kim Kardashian for changing her personal style while with Kanye (which you're all entitled to have your opinions on...) This is simply a humorous and informative master post of everything you need to know about flawless Kimye style, and how to achieve it.

Alright, are you ready? Press play on one of the two official Kimye songs (and by "official" I mean he mentions her and that's good enough for me) and lets go!

Forget everything you ever thought you knew, and focus. There are now only seven colors that exist: Black, White, Grey, Tan, (Beige, Nude, Off-white, Cream, etc...) Red, Olive Green and Navy Blue. Act as if you've never seen any other color during the course of your life... This, is basically your new rainbow. Get rid of anything that does not fall under this plethora of neutral tones. No other colors are necessary, Understand?  This lack of color is the very essence that is Kimye. I mean... You're really just doing yourself a favor by throwing everything else away. I want you to live in these colors, get emotional over these colors... You know, the FULL Kimye experience. If it helps, while trashing your closet, picture Kanye and his stylest standng behind you as motivation to get rid of those pastels and neons. *sigh* doesn't that feel better? DOESN'T IT?! It does... I know it does.

Now that you are acquainted with your color guide, let's move onto phase two: individual pieces you must own to achieve flawless Kimye status. Here are your essentials, they are basics... Why you ask?! DON'T ASK WHY. It is chic, that is why. Kimye knows ~fashion, do you want to live and breathe ~fashion!? If you do, just don't question things, buy everything immediately without thought. It's like dressing by numbers! If everything is chic and you're chic, then being naturally chic is inescapable. Are you starting to catch on? G.O.O.D! Now, go forth and shop, but before you do, here's a serious life question: If everything is chic, is anything really chic? Think about it... I mean, REALLY think about it.

Shopping List: Leather Peplum Top (and non-leather peplum top... In ever color listed) // Celine Luggage Tote // Black Smoking Loafers // Black and/or red Louboutin Illusion Pumps // Stella Mccartney Gold Lion Cuff // White Classic Blazer // Ombre Denim Button Down // Air Yezzy's (both black and white) // Red Peplum Dress // Leather Pencil Skirt // Grey Sweatshirt // Leather Pants (LOTS of leather pants) // Black and White Letterman Jacket // Black Aviators // Celine Strapped Sandals

I have now taught you all I know. Go my friends, hop in your spaceship and fly with this new found Kimye knowledge you've absorbed though this post. Take these new Kimyesus instincts and step chic up, to the next level. Literally bury yourself in leather, label 2/3rds of your closet as "the black section," even collect an assortment of peplums until you can collect no more and remember, Kanye is always watching... and judging you on your poor fashion choices. 

( All photos courtesy of Kimyesus.tumblr.com )