Now, I could give you some long spiel about why I haven't posted an outfit in a while, but lets just make a long story short and just cut to the excuse of "it's cold and I don't care about what I wear as long as I am warm." Sorry I'm not sorry? It's been -20°C for the last 2 weeks people! I am seriously searching for a place to live where it doesn't snow, or maybe somewhere where siesta is a thing... Love you Canada, but your winters are killing me slowly but surely.

I went out for brunch with some friends (who drove me there, clearly I did not leave the house in a bare leg for shits and giggles!) and this is what I wore, minus the jacket, hat, gloves and scarf I piled on before leaving. Seriously, I cannot even wait for summer to get here so I can wear pencil skirts and cropped tops every, single, dayyyyyy.

Shirt Old Navy // Skirt DIY // Necklaces H&M, The Rock Store // Boots Jeffrey Campbell