No matter how hard I've tried, I just cannot get into the sneaker wedge trend. They look amazing on celebrities and fellow bloggers, but they're not for me, so I took my obsession elsewhere and went back to my tomboy roots with this sportswear inspired look. Let's be real for a second and blame the existing obsession I have with Rihanna, for this new obsession with sportswear, okay? Cool. (Don't be concerned when I start wearing hockey jerseys as dresses... you've all been warned!)

I've been on the hunt for some sleek looking, monochrome trainers ever since Ivana of Love Aesthetics posted this look back in October. Once I found these Nike Roshe Runs, I thought that my search was over... Well, not quite, that would be way too simple! They were sold out absolutely everywhere. Countless visits to downtown Toronto shops and a dozen calls later, I finally have them and I haven't taken them off since. They are single handedly the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned and you're all going to be sick of me posting outfits and photos of these sneakers by the end of this summer because I am OBSESSED! I paired my new Roshe Runs with these black trousers, acid wash t-shirt and holographic clutch for a comfortable, casual weekend look.

T-Shirt H&M // Trousers & Necklace Forever21 // Holographic Clutch Urban Outfitters // Nike Roshe Runs