Remember that time I wrote about no longer posting "just outfits" and avoiding the use of this boring ass white wall, and then shot there anyway? Haaaaa, good times. I'm a mess, what else is new? I am in the middle of organizing a hair/beauty routine post and some sort of Q&A guide to being a real life amazon for all of those asking, but those are in the works... So until then, another outfit it is! I mean, yeah sure, it IS reading week, but all I've done is sit at home in my PJ's, under a mountain of blankets watching Freaks and Geeks on Netflix... It's been pretty great. Doing nothing all day is one of my favourite pastimes.

When I finally got out of bed and continued to ignore my readings, I went to lunch with some friends to complain about how much reading I've ignored... Figures! Oh, fall crop tops? Obviously a must, and head to toe lack of colour? That's just typical me... Why not look ready to rob a bank or practice witchcraft at any given moment? Life goals. Also, now that I've become acquainted with the comfort of the Roshe Run, It's pretty hard to live daily life without wearing them. Any other shoe choice just feels like an uncomfortable downgrade. *sigh* Life is hard. (Not really, I'm just a drama queen... We all knew this.)

Coat (Old!) Gap | Jeans ASOS Curve | Sweater + Hat + Wallet Urban Outfitters | Necklaces H&M | Shoes Nike Roshe Run's