I think it's a common misconception that bloggers are wealthy and/or spoiled because of the amount of clothing we showcase... Psht, I wish! I am neither wealthy nor spo... Okay, I'm a little spoiled. I am an only child after all, but I most defiantly do not have hundreds of dollars a month to spend on clothing! The sad reality is that I've had to check my bank account before buying Starbucks... Yikes, that sounds kind of bad... why would I be spending my last $5.35 on an Iced Chai Tea Latte? Well because I was parched... and they ARE delicious. I mean, I'm sure there was a more efficient way to spent $5.35 but it's too late, what's done is done... Who uses the delete button anymore? Whatever, So 2009...

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Personally, the most challenging thing about being a student again is trying to be "responsible with money." Everyone who's ever been a student knows that going from full time summer work to part time hours always sucks when you get that first unsatisfying paycheque, so the summer spending comes to a halt in a hurry and budgeting suddenly sounds like a smart idea. I mean, realistically I could take half of my paycheque and buy all the new ASOS uploads and look amazing ALL THE TIME... Or I could buy grade A art supplies, soft PJ's to walk my dog in and wine... Lots of wine. Wine is totally a necessity, don't try to tell me otherwise.

I already have clothing, lots of clothing, and regardless if it's the clothing I WANT to be wearing, I've got to just suck it up buttercup! I find that from time to time, I need to remind myself that clothing is want and not a need. And that one day, hopefully in the not so distant future, I will be raking in the big bucks and things like buying Starbucks and ordering leather dresses won't seem like such a financial issue... But until that moment, here are my current "wants." Ugh. *Throws adult hissy fit about not being the real life Cher Horowitz.*