I don't know if you guys have caught on to this yet, but I'm not really a colour girl... I admit, I'll obsess over a colour for a few months (or years in the case of Chartreuse... Still obsessed!) but once I'm over the phase, I'm left wishing that all of my coloured purchases were either black, white or one of the many glorious shades of grey. Burgundy is probably one of the only colours I really love, so I didn't think twice while buying this shirt dress... Um... Well, it's actually just shirt shirt, but whats the point in wearing dresses that are the "appropriate length" or whatever? PSHT, Wheres the fun in that? (There is none, so you should wear things that are too short sometimes, you know? Live a little, whats an ass shot or two?) Okay, I think this is enough horrible motivational advice for one post... Toodles!

Dress (*cough* shirt... ) Forever 21 | Necklaces ASOS + Stolen from Kellie's Bedside Table
Blazer ASOS Curve | Bag ALDO | Socks American Apparel