So here we are, a year later. I don't want to say I told you so butttttt, Kim and Kanye might be here to stay, oh and I told you so. I'm almost ashamed of how many times Kimye crosses my mind on a daily basis. Like, what are Kim and Kendall are texting about, or what is beautiful baby Nori doing at this very moment or what did Kanye eat before last nights concert? Wait, is it normal to be jealous of a new born baby because that's the kind of luxury I want to live around... Just saying!
You can choose to hate Kim K for being "talentless" and say what you want about Kanye's "controversial rants" but they've pretty much branded themselves as the worlds most obnoxiously fashionable couple, and I for one am enjoying every moment of it! It's essentially their job to look fantastic during all occasions and I absolutely love it. Would life be so simple if getting paid to look fantastic, was a actual thing. *sigh*
Since becoming parents, they've taken their style to a new level of simplicity. I love that we're seeing them re-wear items and accessories! Not sure why, but I enjoy seeing celebs wear the same thing more than once. Absolutely no one wears an item once and then never leaves the house in it again, not even the wealthy! Let's face it... They're going to be a chic family for the rest of life and I don't doubt that I'll continue being obsessed for equally as long. #KimyeFashionObsessed4Eva!

All images courtesy of Tumblr.