I hit snooze 4 times this morning. Yup. Four times, and then ignored all forms of personal hygiene, washed my face with a face wipe and went to school. Did I forget to apply deodorant? Possibly... Did I brush my teeth? Don't recall... Did I eat cake and left over chicken parmesan for breakfast? Maybe... Is this all too much information? Most defiantly, but you are my people and you'd never judge me right? (Actually... Feel free to judge me, I'd judge me after reading that... Ew.)
I never really feel like waking up for class, let alone spend more than 20 minutes getting ready in the morning, so here is the result of my lazy ways; A comfortable, functional look that feels like pyjamas and allows for a nap at any given time. This H&M duffle is the perfect throw-everything-in-it-and-go bag and this scarf feels like being wrapped in the bed you never wanted to leave, I highly suggest you buy one if you're anything like me and fall asleep during 3 hour lectures.

Scarf ASOS | Sweater Forever21 | Trousers + Sunglasses eBay | Duffle Bag H&M | Shoes BFT