Living in Toronto, Winter is pretty much inevitable. We all know it's coming, but no one ever looks forward to freezing temperatures or snowfall. It's great for enjoying the end of the semester, watching Netflix in bed with hot tea in hand... But when you have to trek through piles of slush and snowbanks to get anywhere on time, snow can make you want to crawl up into a ball and never leave the comfort of your comforter. I think I've perfected how to survive the negative temps.

Step 1: Buy all, of the fluffy oversized knit sweaters you come in contact with. I have this current obsession with obnoxiously oversized fluffy sweaters and I couldn't have picked a better time to develop an obsession Step 2: Grab about 10 basic thermal long sleeves in black, grey and/or white. They're great to layer with and super comfortable under potentially itchy, but too beautiful not to have, sweaters from Step 1. Step 3: Have every accessory, in Black. I'm serious. Black gloves, black hats, black bags, black socks, black scarves, black ski masks, black everything Step 4: Invest in a really warm pair of fleece lined leggings. These have saved me from a life of frostbitten kneecaps and chattering teeth. I really do wish I had some more effortlessly stylish ~*winter fashunz advice*~ to share with the masses, but sorry girl, I'm a baby about the snow and it's too cold for cute shoes and sheer fabrics! That's all I got... Anything that is black, feels like pyjamas an/or a blanket, wear that shit.

Jacket Forever21 // Sweater + Boots ASOS // Scarf + Fleece Lined Leggings Urban Outfitters
Socks American Apparel // Bag H&M // Sunglasses eBay