I am so sick of telling you guys how cold it is here in Toronto, I'm sure you're also sick of hearing about it as well, but it's freezing for like 50% of the year here and for this I'm truly sorry... That I continue to subject myself to this crap year after year, ughhhhh, when will this icy hell end for Christ sake!? *throws adult tantrum*

This winter, I seem to be totally obsessed with idea of layering coats over jackets. There is something about wearing two coats that makes you feel like a really ridiculously chic bag lady, but in a... good way? If even possible. Also, it's safe to just go ahead and sign me up for any trend where I get to look cute and remain warm, because I am game for almost anything that allows me to use as much of my existing wardrobe as possible.

Coat Addition Elle | Jean Jacket GAP | Turtle Neck H&M | Jeans + Boots ASOS | Bag + Sunglasses eBay | Necklaces Vintage