Guess what? IT'S NO LONGER WINTER. Ahhhhhhhhh, can you hear the baby angels singing while the sun shines? *sigh* Love it.  Being that it's warm, but not yet humid and all, the first thing I reached for this thick, black leather dress from Leather Cult. I literally have a 4 week window to wear this thing without the burden of black tights or drowning in my own sweat, so I'm doing it... Living this leather dream, 100%! Also, my thought process has been pretty laid back while getting dressed these days. Putting a whole lot of thought into daily outfits is so overrated, I just want to throw stuff on, put on lipstick and be done! I'll reserve those stressful outfit woes for birthdays, weddings and holidays, a thank you very much!
Dress c/o Leather Cult | Bag eBay Sunglasses Aldo | Shoes BFT