about me

I'm Franceta Johnson; A 23-year-old, Toronto creative who is currently on the journey to combine her love for both Fashion and Graphic Design. I'm also slightly inappropriate (almost all of the time) obsessed with all things pop-culture and a self proclaimed 90's-00's music expert.

The Bare Minimum

Are we starting to see my minimalist obsession, evolving a little bit? Sorry for being super boring with these basic outfit pairings, I find I've been gravitating towards super minimal looks for some reason; A single dress on its own, a basic t-shirt and denim, two or three items per outfit, max! Throw on some thin, dainty jewellery and next to no makeup...Thick filled in brows, bronzer and mascara, if I'm feeling particularly "fancy!" This summer is about embracing the concept of ease and applying simplicity where need be. (Simplicity is super underrated!) With the worrying we already do, some things just shouldn't be complicated or stressed, you know? My style just so happens to be one of those things.

 Slip Cami + Boyfriend Jeans + Sunglasses + Body Chain ASOS Bag Aldo Shoes Blowfish