I have and always will be obsessed with the idea of a good Biker Jacket. I have about 6 black ones that I've accumulated over the years... not counting the 4 black leather ones that are always within arms reach, year round. I even have a cropped denim one that only gets better and more distressed with each wear, but the day I slipped on this white scuba version, I knew it was coming home with me and there was absolutely no arguing about it! I might have a minor problem, you guys. What some may call a jacket addiction, I call coping with winter. I distract myself from the thoughts of ice and snow with a rapidly growing collection of outerwear. They're like collectors items or whatever. You know... Baseball cards, trophies, yarn, stamps... Something. Whatever... What do people even collect these days that is considered socially acceptable? 

There are three very good reasons why I own like a solid 22 biker jackets in total, and why you yourself should start a collection: 1) They literally come in every colour, style and texture combination humanly possible, making it easy to find ones you like each season at both high and low ends of the price spectrum. 2) They go with absolutely everything and no I'm not over exaggerating... You could wear a biker jacket over pyjama's while walking your dog and instantly look chic. They look good, literally always! 3) They are badass, therefore you look badass by wearing one... And who doesn't want that? We all want that, lets be honest. Badasses get shit done!

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