Maxi Dress Urban Outfitters • Sunglasses Target • Jewellery Vintage

There are moments where even on a inviting day at the beach before sunset, everything still feels immensely daunting.

I've been spending a lot of time in my head, lately. I can’t seem to decipher what it is that I want. I’m not completely sure of what I need either. I’m surrounded by all these voices filled with doubt, anger, advice, suggestion, disappointment, frustration, misunderstanding, conflict… And most of them are just my own. My thought process gets to be quite crowded most days - So much so, that I'm not quite sure what I'm even saying anymore.

All of a sudden, I’m a hypocrite? - Going against almost all of the advice that I’ve ever spewed. Seeking approval by parties that don’t even matter. Hunting for complements and reassurance that I don’t even need. Looking for reasons to fail before ever giving myself the chance to succeed in the slightest. 

When are you going to stop carrying burdens that aren’t yours to carry? Stop this. Do what you want. Make what you want. Wear what you want. Share it with the world, the select few who you deem worthy or keep it to yourself… Disregard the bullshit and get back to you, because this pity party? It’s getting old. And these thoughts? They’re weighing heavy… You quite literally don’t have the time to be doubting yourself like this. You're too cute for these god damn woes.

So again... Disregard the bullshit, get back to you.

— Photography by Nick Spector *