This has probably been the most experimental summer, of my entire life. Your girl just spent 4 months in nothing but colourful combinations, obnoxiously patterned dresses and now, this hair. I’m pretty sure that I woke up one morning back in May and said to myself “You know what.. I think I want grey hair… Yup, I defiantly want grey hair…” and that was it.
Okay, no… I lied. That wasn’t, it. If we’re being honest, I went back and forth for months about rocking this grey hair. "How would I explain this to people who ask? What if they know its not real… Its clearly not real, right? Who cares if its fucking real, its sickening! But what if people tried to touch it? Would I look tacky? Should I wear a hat? Can I wear colour with it? What if I don’t want to wear makeup, would it look stupid? Oh fuck, I can’t pull that shit off, stop this Franceta, don’t be dumb, bitch...” but you know what? For some reason, I just could not shake the thought of how badass I’d look with silky silver locks...

So, I let this internal conflict lead me to some pretty valuable conclusions; You shouldn’t worry so much about “pulling things off.” You should do whatever you want, because you say so. You should do it because you need change. You should do it because you’ve never done anything like it. You should do it because that one very quiet subconscious voice is desperately trying to scream “YOU WILL SLAY EVERYONE, GIVE THE PEOPLE LIFE." You should do it because you fucking want to and thats enough reason, in and of itself.

So do it, without hesitation. The decision to pull something off is what makes it work. Your decisions can lead you to some remarkable things, so make them for yourself and continue to flourish in a fashion that only you can.

Dress Urban Outfitters • Glasses Thrifted • Jewellery Vintage • Shoes (Old) • Hair Ali Express — Photos by Nick Spector *