If we're being honest, which we almost always are on this site, my style isn't anywhere near what I'd like it to be right now and I'm pretty damn stressed about it. As many of you may have noticed, I've dropped about ten dress sizes over the last year and a half, which forced me to purge about 70% of my existing wardobe. While I am extremely proud of myself and what I've accomplished, and am excited to build a wardobe to fit my new frame, I'm having the hardest time finding pieces that I actually like... LIKE!

It's so funny, while I was still a 16/18, I'd stop and think to myself "Wow, I might actually be able to shop in straight size stores again... This should make finding dope clothing a breeze!" Fast forward 16 months and here I am, terribly uninspired by all that brands have to offer and awfully salty about it. I'm realizing that even though fashionable plus size options are still severely limited in the industry, straight size shops are literally just filled with twice as much ill fitting, low quality, disappointing garbage to sift through, but in smaller sizes... Isn't that some complete and utter bullshit!? Who would have thought? Why didn't anyone tell me this? I feel I've been hoodwinked, seriously.

Everything pretty much looks exactly the same. It's either "trendy" because someone of importance has said so, made in one of the hot colours this season, or it's 100% polyester and yet still insanely overpriced. So lets just say shopping isn't quite as exciting as it used to be for me right now... Weird, huh? Hopefully some brand searching and blog surfing will get back to my true shopaholic ways in no time, but for now, I'm just sort of going with it.

As a result of my new wardobe woes, I'm stuck in this "comfort over absolutely everything, including your feelings" mindset, so I find myself reaching for sneakers and jeans a solid five out of the seven days a week. These Air Max 90's are dope and most importantly, they allow me to run long and far away from all responsibility and obligation during these winter months, you know? Yeah... I know you know, you get it! ;)

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