I honestly wish I was joking when I say this might be the first time since mid-November where I've left the house in something other than thermal tights, a black turtle neck, a blanket scarf and Timberlands... but unfortunately, none of that was a joke...

The winter weather is finally letting up here in Toronto, so the converse are finally back out of their box, my calfs, shins and mid-drift are finally able to breathe, and all... for a super casual Ikea run! WHAT? I *HAD* to take full advantage of the warm temps to break out this crop-top and skirt co-ord from the CURATDxLTS collection! They're just the perfectly knitted transitional pieces for spring.

Other then all of that, I'm just happy to officially be in "defrost mode" 2017... and desperately seeking a solution for this outgrown cousin IT bang, so the unicorn bun has defiantly been the go-to over the past couple weeks. Bless it, in all of its glory!