To celebrate the launch of the Nike React flyknit, myself alongside a few others have been drafted to join Nike’s Run Club here in Toronto. The brand was kind enough to hook us up with a pair of the pillow soft React Flyknits, some running gear and a realistic training schedule for the next six weeks. Am I excited? Yes... Uhh, am I also terrified? YES!

I've never really been great at running, actually... I've always looked at running as torture, so... Every *ounce* of strategic encouragement is absolutely necessary to keep me motivation and on track towards achieving overall progress and a healthier lifestyle. That being said... I made a playlist! Because, duh? Then went for a test jog to find a pace that works for me, and you know what!? It was not terrible and I did not die! Day 1 of 44, complete. Depression, where!? Body toxins? HA! Progress. Growth. Stay tuned to see if I stick to getting fit, or actually do die trying.