My name is Franceta Johnson. I am a multi–hyphenate designer, blogger and creative, born & raised in Toronto, Canada. I'm passionate about all things art, design, style, self-love & afrocentrism.

This site was created in 2010 under the alias Frantic Dreams. I began writing blog entries as a form of self-expression during my time as a fashion student at GBC. Here, I was able to share my unfiltered opinions on style, the industry and the exclusion of plus & tall sizing within fashion as a whole.

More recently this site has become a space for my wardobe staples, much needed affirmations & ventures in all things design. Through these stories, I hope to inspire those on their own journey to do so unapologetically, relentlessly and with authentic personal style.
Some of the publications in which Franceta Johnson™ has been featured in and/or published by over the years.